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Our Issues

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Voter Empowerment

The ability to participate in civic life — to have a voice in choosing the elected officials whose decisions impact our lives, families, and communities — is at the core of what it means to be an American.


Criminal Justice Reform

The United States Criminal Justice System incarcerates its citizens more than any other country. It is a system marred by vast racial disparities and unfairly punishes communities of color, burdens taxpayers and is detrimental to building and maintaining strong communities.

Community Unity

Unity is essential to having strong vibrant communities. However, restricting resources, creating boundaries by neighborhood, or engaging in actions that do not foster or strengthen partnership or collaboration within the community can be detrimental.


West End P.O.W.E.R. believes that high-quality public schools are the critical platform in every community to transform the lives of students, regardless of their race or economic status. We are committed to ensuring that students have fully-resourced, equitable, first-class public schools.

Our Story

Why choose us?

West End POWER works to transform communities in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, particularly communities of color and other underrepresented communities. We believe that “We are all in this together” that is why we strive to provide opportunities with effective resources.

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People We've Helped in the Community

Whether it is working to assist community members with credit repair for home ownership, working for quality public education, GED preparation, conducting holiday toy drives, registering voters, or coordinating literacy programs adults and children, West End Power strives to provide our communities with effective resources.


Neighborhoods Served in Our Local Area

While our work originated in the Pittsburgh’s West End communities Sheraden, Elliott, Windgap, Esplen, Ridgemont, Westwood, Oakwood, East Carnegie, Chartiers City, Fairywood and Crafton Heights. We have now expanded into communities throughout Allegheny, Beaver, and Lawrence Counties.


Volunteers We Have on Staff

Volunteers play a critical role in the work that we do to build vibrant communities that are based on inclusion, equity, and valuing our community asset – human capital.

News & Updates

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Our Story

Who are we?

West End P.O.W.E.R. is a community organization committed to strengthening communities through activism, advocacy, education, equity, and promoting unity. We work to transform communities in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, particularly communities of color and other underrepresented communities.

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"Terri survived our deeply rigged criminal justice system and has dedicated her life to saving others from what she went through. She founded a nonprofit group, got involved with her church, and began volunteering in her community."

Hon. Elizabeth Warren - United States Senator from Massachusetts

“When she’s not working at P.O.W.E.R., Terri is the director of community engagement at her church, does all kinds of volunteering, and is an outspoken advocate for criminal justice reform.”


We seek to unlock the possibility.
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We are focused on results.
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We seek to drive change on large scale.
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